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Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

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We want you to be able to travel with your pet all around Spain.

We were one of the first hotel chains to obtain the Pet Friendly mark. You can stay with your pets (cats and dogs) at almost all our hotels.

We think it is a wonderful way to visit the big cities with your family, whether for a quick getaway or to enjoy your holidays.

We understand that each of our customers comes with their own special needs, so we have a number of rooms set aside for our pet friendly guests.


1. The programme is for domestic dogs and cats up to 25 kg.

2. You must bring a leash or a carrying case for pets, which must be used when they are not in the bedroom.

3. Pets must be removed from the room, or in their carrying case or on the leash, during scheduled cleaning or any other service in the room.

4. You must remove your pet´s droppings and other waste. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant or other areas where food and drink are served.

5. You must have all the legally required documentation for your pet at check-in, and the Hotel management may ask to see it at any time.

6. Guests are responsible for the noise their pets make, and must make sure pets do not disturb other guests. If the hotel considers the pet to be disturbing other guests, it may ask the pet to be accommodated outside the hotel.

7. The hotel may exclude a pet if it considers it to be dangerous or that it could frighten, hurt or affect the stay of other guests.

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