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Club Zenit Corporate

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We match the lowest price and we take off a 50% discount of the difference

Learn the advantages and offers at our Corporate Club Zenit.

Zenit Hoteles offer a personalized service tailored to your needs, designed to achieve the best conditions and the highest customer satisfaction.

From here you can request a visit from our sales department to discuss your business needs and to agree on the tariffs and special conditions, or request a Zenit Club Corporate Card with which you will receive numerous advantages for your company, and exclusive promotions news.

Corporate Card request

Tarjeta Club Zenit Corporate

Club Zenit Corporate

Your company will receive a Preferred Customer Club Zenit Corporate card totally free, with which you can access numerous benefits in all establishments belonging to Zenit. The Advantages of Club Zenit are only applicable for bookings made direct our Central Reservations (+34 912 182 028), in www.zenithoteles.com, or at the hotel not being combined with other offers with Zenit Hotels. (In case of theft, damage or loss we will replace your identification but it is not necessary to re-register).

Personal care service and top priority in your reservation

10% discount on accommodation in our hotels

Being a Corporate Club Zenit Card holder will give you 10% discount on reservations made and invoiced to your company, if they are made exclusively through our Central Reservations, at www.zenithoteles.com or directly to any of our hotels. This promotion is not cumulative to any other offer, promotion or discount unless indicated to the contrary.

10% discount on mini-bar and laundry service

When you are a Corporate Club Zenit member, you have access to 10% discount on mini-bar and laundry services (*Price implemented on consumption, with VAT separate).

10% discount on car-park charges

As a Corporate Club Zenit member, you benefit from 10% when you make use of our car parks (*Discount only applicable in Hoteles Zenit's own car parks and not in the compounds. VAT not included).

10% discount on restaurant 'a la carte' menus

In Zenit Hotel restaurants, you can enjoy 10% discount on all lunch and dinner 'a la carte' menus. (* The 10% discount only applies to 'a la carte' menus, and not to any type of 'menu of the day'. Excluded are drinks, liquors and tobacco - room service is also excluded. VAT not included. (This offer only applies to our own restaurants). Except in Zenit Barcelona, Zenit Borrell, Zenit San Sebastián and Zenit Convento San Martín.

Room availability from 10am

Check when you make your booking to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival (*Subject to hotel availability).

Remain until 2pm

Zenit Hoteles offers the possibility of staying in your room until 2pm at no extra charge. (*It is essential to confirm this at reception desk before 2pm the previous day. This is subject to hotel availability).

Information of all offers and promotions

We keep you updated on all our best offers and promotions so that you, as a member of Corporate Club Zenit, can benefit from all the advantages.

Offers and exclusive discounts on reservations

Enjoy special offers only for Corporate Club Zenit members. We keep Corporate Club Zenit members updated on all offers and promotions designed exclusively for card-holders.

Superior Room

Subject to availability.

Zenit bathrobe and slippers

Subject to availability.

Priority table reservations

Reserve your table in advance and, should nothing be available, identifying yourself as a member of Corporate Club Zenit will gain you priority access to the waiting-list. Our restaurant will keep you informed of the situation at all times, offering you preferential service.

Priority waiting-list

If the hotel is full when you make a booking, Zenit Hoteles offers a priority waiting-list should a vacancy occur. You can check availability and follow the hotel waiting-list through Zenit Vía: Central Reservations (+34 912 182 028) or directly to the Zenit hotel of your choice.

10% discount on car-park charges

As a Corporate Club Zenit member, you benefit from 10% when you make use of our car parks (*Discount only applicable in Hoteles Zenit's own car parks and not in the compounds. VAT not included).

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Zenit Hoteles is a hotel chain with a substantial influence on the tourism sector in Spain and Europe, with a presence throughout Spain and also in the middle of some major European cities such as Budapest, Lisbon and Andorra.

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