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Firstly, I would like to thank you for dedicating a few minutes to going through our Associate Hotels proposal.

After our experience with Associate Hotels in different cities in Spain, and seeing the results, we are moving forward and incorporating more hotels as we initiate our expansion with new brand names: Zenit Urban, Zenit Evasión y Zenit Basic.

Uniting forces to compete more efficiently – joining together to be more visible in a world dominated by the internet – assembling ourselves under a brand that lets us tackle commercialization and management targets hardly attainable in an individual and independent way. From this base we to want sustain our union between Zenit and its Associate Hotels.

Throughout the presentation, which you can access from here, you will find information on Zenit Hoteles, our proposal for "Associate Hotels" and a brief summary of the report entitled ‘Conjuncture, Situation and Perspective of the Hotel Sector in Spain’ published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. This, among other important topics, highlights as more valued actions Corporate Strategy, Commercial actions, Brand positioning and Database Management;the basis of our proposal.

I hope this arouses your interest and opens up the possibility of collaborating in the near future.

Javier Catalán.

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Zenit Hoteles is a hotel chain with a substantial influence on the tourism sector in Spain and Europe, with a presence throughout Spain and also in the middle of some major European cities such as Budapest, Lisbon and Andorra.

Our hotels are always in the center of cities and have new and high quality facilities, paying attention to everything down to the smallest detail. In Zenit Hotels we believe in job well done and because of this we have the best professionals who are always available to attend to the needs of our customers.