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Corporate Information

Zenit Hoteles

Who We Are

Zenit Hotel was created by Javier Catalán, founder and current President of the hotel chain. After a long professional career dedicated to the legal profession, an activity that for years he combined with the management of a petroleum sector company (a business that under his direction with Repsol formed a society of up to 40 service stations distributed throughout the whole of Spain) as well as President of Ressa (managing a credit card company) a position he continues to occupy, in 1995 he decided to invest in hotels.

Javier Catalán set off on his journey in the hotel sector by purchasing some establishments. In 1999 he publicly presented the Zenit Hoteles chain choosing one of the best existing showcases, the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), a relevant contest for worldwide tourism where Group Zenit continues to be present in each edition, demonstrating constant expansion of the major national and international capitals.

The tenacity and spirit of overcoming odds, that mark the character of Javier Catalán, are keys to his success in the hotel sector, as he demonstrates the fact that in the past six years Zenit Hoteles has increased its presence by opening 27 three- and four-star hotels and apartments.

Zenit Hotels consists of a young team with wide, professional experience that have captured Javier Catalán’s philosophy and push to strongly place a hotel chain that today counts as a reference in the tourist sector.

Betting on quality

Within a short time, Group Zenit has received many awards in recognition of its enterprising work to ‘the quality of its establishments’ and wide range of services. Amongst others are the ‘Sales Award 2001’ from Marketing Club, in September 2003 Aqua awarded Zenit Hoteles the ‘Platinum Award for Quality and Company Management’, and again in 2003 the ‘Tourist Merit’ plate’ was awarded in recognition of its promotional work of Tourism in Aragon.

In Zenit Hoteles, a commitment to supporting the most demanding standards of quality exists. Within this quality of service, Group Zenit has as its main objective the continuous adaptation to current times and improvement of its centers by means of constant updating. Zenit Hoteles’ highest priority is to take care up to the last detail with the aim of making the customer’s stay a pleasure.

Currently, we are carrying out a deep restructuring within our commercial distribution systems by means of innovative computer applications in the reception area of ‘on-line’ reservation and immediate confirmation. All this to achieve our main objective: ‘Loyalty and a permanent, fluid and active communication with our Customers’.

In constant expansion

Now that the presence of Zenit Hoteles is consolidated in Spain, the next logical step within the spirit of initiated expansion is the implementation of Group Zenit in the international market. This first future gamble is an initiated chain reality which offers the opportunity of a management and advice service with respect to purchases, building works, decoration, etc. and an integral commercialization directed to all areas of customers, in which the associate establishment obtains the best commercial market conditions, as a group. Furthermore, Zenit Hoteles offers a wide collaboration, by means of ongoing communication and technical support, for the resolution of any need. This is to ensure detailed, agile and secure information of the market situation in ‘real time’, by means of new technologies, thereby incorporating itself as an establishment more than a chain.

One of the most agreeable and important outcomes that the efforts of our team has achieved is to get hotel catering to an important level at a reasonable price;something that seems difficult in our country.

Classification of establishments

Our hotels, according to their facilities, services and geographical situation, place themselves into one of three classifications, as follows:

Zenit Urban

Urban and modern hotels, whose services and facilities reflect the maximum exponent of quality, combining design, quality and innovation - strategically located for our leisure and business customers.

Zenit Evasión

Establishments with a high level of comfort that, for their quality, facilities and service, let the customer enjoy an agreeable stay in a privileged environment with tourist interest.

Zenit Basic

Functional hotels with facilities adapted to cover the needs of our customers, while not forgetting their comfort.

Always thinking of you
Zenit Hotels

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Zenit Hoteles is a hotel chain with a substantial influence on the tourism sector in Spain and Europe, with a presence throughout Spain and also in the middle of some major European cities such as Budapest, Lisbon and Andorra.

Our hotels are always in the center of cities and have new and high quality facilities, paying attention to everything down to the smallest detail. In Zenit Hotels we believe in job well done and because of this we have the best professionals who are always available to attend to the needs of our customers.