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Privacy Policy

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By means of this notice, CADENA HOTELERA ZENIT, S.A., registered at Avda. Saragossa s/n - 31500 TUDELA (NAVARRE) SPAIN, (from now on, " ZENIT HOTELES ") informs users of Corporate Club Zenit Card and of the internet portal of its property (from now on, "Users" and "Portal") of its data protection policy of personal character (from now on, "Personal Data ") to enable Users to determine freely and voluntarily if they want to facilitate to ZENIT HOTELES the Personal Data that they could need or obtain from the Users on the occasion of the subscription or discharge in some of the services offered by ZENIT HOTELES in the Portal or through the Portal. ZENIT HOTELES reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential innovations as well as to industry practices. In the above-mentioned assumptions, ZENIT HOTELES will announce on this page changes introduced with reasonable notice to their being put into practice.

Certain services in the Portal, our hotels or Central Reservations, can contain personal conditions with specific forecasts on the subject of protection of Personal Data. The Personal Data collected will be an object of automated treatment and incorporated into the corresponding automated files by ZENIT HOTELES, the company being the named company in charge of its own file (from now on, the "Files"). With this, ZENIT HOTELES will provide the Users suitable technical resources so that, with previous character, they can access this notice of Privacy Policy or any other relevant information and could give their assent in order to proceed to the automated treatment of their Personal Data.

Except in fields indicated otherwise, answers to questions of Personal Data are voluntary, without lack of response involving a decrease in the quality or quantity of the relevant services, unless otherwise indicated.

The collection and automated treatment of Personal Data takes as its purpose the maintenance of the contractual relation in its case established with ZENIT HOTELES the management, administration, service, enlargement and progress of services in which the User decides to subscribe, register, or use the adequacy of the above mentioned services to the preferences and tastes of the Users, the study of the use of the services on the part of the Users, the design of new services related to the same, the mailing of updates of the services, the mailing, by traditional and electronic means, of technical, operative and commercial information of products and services offered by ZENIT HOTELES and/or for third parties, currently and in the future. The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of Personal Data includes equally the mailing of questionnaires that the User is not obliged to answer.

ZENIT HOTELES has adopted legally required levels of Personal Data protection safety, and has installed all means and technical measures within its reach to avoid loss, bad use, alteration, non-authorized access and theft of facilitated Personal Data. Nevertheless, the User must be aware that safety measures on the internet are not unassailable.

Given its own characteristics of activity and the services of ZENIT HOTELES and for the development and attainment of its objectives, it makes transfer necessary, in this case, of Personal Data to the rest of Group Zenit societies with the same indicated purposes for the collection of Personal Data on the part of ZENIT HOTELES as regards its respective products and services.

In certain cases, furthermore, it proposes to transfer Personal Data to third parties. When this happens, the situation will be duly advertised to Users in the forms of collection of Personal Data, together with identification of the society that will transfer it and said third party, stating the type of activities to which it is dedicated and the purpose to which it responds to the transfer. Many societies belonging to Group ZENIT, such as third parties that propose to transfer the Personal Information, can have their domicile address abroad.

In every case, ZENIT HOTELES guarantees maintenance of the confidentiality and safe treatment of Personal Data in international movements that could take place owing to these transfers not being carried out temporarily or definitively of personal character data that has been an object of treatment or has been gathered to submit them to the above mentioned treatment in the direction of countries that do not provide a level of comparable protection to the existing one in Spain and derivative of the application of the Organic Law 15/99 December 13 of Personal Character Data Protection and concordant dispositions. The transfer of personal character data to such entities takes as its exclusive purpose the correct services that ZENIT HOTELES offers.

The Users have recognized and can exercise rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition, as well recognizing the right to be informed about the transfers carried out by contacting ZENIT HOTELES through email . Likewise, the assent of the user for the treatment and transfer of their personal data will be revocable at all times without retroactive effects, in accordance with articles 6 and 11 of the Organic law 15/1999, December 13 of Personal Character Data Protection.

The users of zenithoteles.com and its subdomains along with other website addresses www.zenithoteles.net, www.zenithoteles.biz, www.zenithotels.net, www.zenithotels.biz, www.zenithoteis.com, www.zenithoteis.net, www.zenithoteis.biz, foryouhostel.com, foryouhostel.es, foryouhostels.com, foryouhostels.es, hostelforyou.es guarantee and answer, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the facilitated Personal Data, and promise to keep them properly updated.

ZENIT HOTELES guarantees the confidentiality of Personal Data, although it will reveal, to competent Public Authorities, personal and any other data that is in its power or is accessible through its systems and is needed in accordance with the legal and regulatory dispositions applicable to the case. In logical guarantee of the previous rights, ZENIT HOTELES declares to have complied with the prescriptions contained in article 26 of the Organic Law 15/99 December 13 of Personal Character Data Protection, as for the notification and enrollment registry of automated files that contain personal data.

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