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Zenit Hotels are opening for business again.

The following hotels are currently open:

Zenit Murcia

Hotel temporarily closed until August 31th.

Zenit Don Yo (Zaragoza)

Hotel temporarily closed until August 29, 2021.

These premises are fully complying with all “health measures” to guarantee the health and safety of all our guests and employees.

We are able to offer breakfast service at all of our hotels, strictly abiding with each countries’ governments’ specific regulations and directives for restaurants.

You can book online on our website and enjoy the special rates and promotions that we are currently running. If you have business rates with us, you can now also book online by using your password.

We will continue to make progress and offer more and more services as the regulations keep changing during the de-escalation of the lockdown. We are making an enormous effort to adapt as quickly as we can to the different phases of the lockdown and to be able to offer all of the necessary services as soon as we are able to so that your stay with us exceeds all of your expectations, while also guaranteeing the safety of everyone.

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to call the hotel using the numbers below, or to call our Booking Hotline.

We will be delighted to help with your consultation, no matter what it may be, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our hotels again soon.

Many thanks


Please use the following email addresses and telephone numbers if you wish to contact any of our hotels during the Covid-19 health crisis:

Reservation Center:

Tlf: 912 182 028

e-mail: atencionalcliente@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Coruña (A Coruña)

Tlf: +34 981 218 484

e-mail: coruna@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Diplomatic (Andorra)

Tlf: + 376 802 780

e-mail: zdiaz@diplomatichotel.com

Hotel Zenit Barcelona (Barcelona)

Tlf: +34 932 411 800

e-mail: barcelona@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Borrell (Barcelona)

Tlf: +34 934 525 566

e-mail: borrell@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Bilbao (Bilbao)

Tlf: +34 944 108 108

e-mail: bilbao@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Budapest (Budapest)

Tlf: +36 1 799 8400

e-mail: fombudapest@zenithotels.com

Hotel Zenit Lisboa (Lisboa)

Tlf: +351 213 102 200

e-mail: lisboa@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Lleida (Lleida)

Tlf: +34 973 229 191

e-mail: lleida@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Abeba (Madrid)

Tlf: +34 914 011 650

e-mail: reservasabeba@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Conde de Orgaz

Tlf: +34 917 489 760

e-mail: condeorgaz@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Pamplona (Pamplona)

Tlf: +34 948 292 600

e-mail: reservaspamplona@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Hall 88 Studios (Salamanca)

Tlf: +34 923 280 188

e-mail: reservas@aparthotelhall88.com

Hotel Zenit San Sebastián (San Sebastián)

Tlf: +34 943 325 325

e-mail: reservassansebastian@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Sevilla (Sevilla)

Tlf: +34 954 347 434

e-mail: sevilla@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Valencia (Valencia)

Tlf: +34 963 529 000

e-mail: valencia@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit El Coloquio (Valladolid)

Tlf: +34 983 044 035

e-mail: direccion@hotelelcoloquio.es

Hotel Zenit Imperial (Valladolid)

Tlf: +34 983 330 300

e-mail: recepcion@himperial.com

Hotel Zenit Vigo (Vigo)

Tlf: +34 986 417 255

e-mail: reservasvigo@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Jardines de Uleta (Vitoria)

Tlf: +34 945 133 131

e-mail: reservasjardinesdeuleta@grupozenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Don Infantas (Zamora)

Tlf: +34 980 509 898

e-mail: reservasdosinfantas@grupozenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Don Yo (Zaragoza)

Tlf: +34 976 226 741

e-mail: reservasdonyo@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Calahorra (Calahorra – La Rioja)

Tlf: +34 941 147 952

e-mail: calahorra@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Logroño (Logroño)

Tlf: +34941 271 555

e-mail: logrono@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Málaga (Málaga)

Tlf: +34 952 252 000

e-mail: malaga@zenithoteles.com

Hotel Zenit Murcia (Murcia)

Tlf: +34 968 214 742

e-mail: murcia@zenithoteles.com

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